My Stroke Story - Claire.

: bournemouth

: My life before stroke was treasurable; my childhood was beyond brilliant, filled with bright colours and laughter, until my illness engulfed me June 2010 aged 19 that dragged me into the silent darkness. A simple day out with the girls turned into a nightmare, my dizziness spiralled, sickness took over me, my vision cloudy, mind disorientated and life swallowed me up into isolation. I had two bleeds in the carvanoma (umbrellas under the term stroke) near the brain stem, inches away from having locking in syndrome. Hospitalised nine weeks, where I was told twice that it could be my last night as I was so ill. I then was told that the likely hood of walking again was minimal. No feeling down my right side and poor sight and a drooping mouth on the left with neuropathic pain to top it all. Pain that was indescribable burning, crushing, breaking pain that seemed to go on forever, it was beyond this life. I was on numerous of medication, however used my mind and willpower to control the pain and two years on live on one nerve medication. Trough determination I accepted the light to help me see, my thought to help me progress and the support to encourage me to succeed, now once more I am living a life that once could have been taken away from me. “Today one stroke victim will die, one will survive and one will be disabled.” I am currently home studding childcare level 4 to one day aim to be a nursery manager. I have formed new ways to find hobbies and interests, remember it takes time but you are a unique individual and strong, just believe in yourself! My website is as follows:

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