My Stroke Story - RudyD.

: Phoenix AZ USA

: Watching tv late on oct.17, 2012, suddenly the world spinned out of control. Vomiting, unable to stand, banged on the coffee table yelling "stop, stop!". Went to bed, next morning got up OK but as the day progressed I got much worse & by afternoon was hospitalized for 5 days. At first the incompetent hospital denied that a stroke had occurred. I finally after 2 days insisted on seeing a neurologist who ordered an MRI and CT scan. Result: cerebellar stroke, left PICA ischemia, possible dissection. Sent to rehab for 7 weeks, then went home. So now it's been almost 6 months. I am able to take care of myself (widower, age 72, live alone but with very supportive neighbors and friends). A caregiver comes in every 2 wks. for a couple of hours to clean the house. My problems now are dizziness/vertigo, leg ataxia, diplopia, fatigue, but most have improved significantly. I still spend most of the day in my wheelchair but can walk around the house and in fact walk about 3 miles every day in my back yard. I carry a cane for emergencies but don't use it (carry it like a baton just in case). Have not fallen so far. Have left the house only once so far, less than a week ago - lunch with friends. Tiring but nice. I'm grateful this hasn't happened at an earlier age and while my wife was alive - she had severe medical problems herself & needed my help a lot. I feel terribly for those of you who suffered a stroke at earlier ages. If I may make a suggestion for this site - separate the cerebellar stroke stories from the cerebral ones. Symptoms, prognoses, etc. are very different.

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