My Stroke Story - lrpgrant.

: Hollywood, Ca.

: So anyway this is the way the story begins woke up 23rd I believe are the 24 January 2013 I was completely off balance couldn't function and use my right arm properly noticed a group in my smile as I looked in the mirror I couldn't shower properly use my right hand everything was hard to do even walk straight and even walk.. I was not to keep it from my brother but decided tell him.. He checked me out and he thinks it's a stroke and wants me to call the doctor right away okay so I finally did meet an appointment to see the doctor over at the Bob Hope medical Center they set appointment for tomorrow which is 25 January 2:15 PM. I woke up the next day I took the bus I remember it was a rainy day started drizzling my brother told me to wear a jacket I usually don't I found myself sweating on somewhat of a cool day I felt faint while I was on the bus and when I finally got there and walked into The Medical Ctr., I tried to speak I slur my words..explained to the girls at the desk I could not write fill out the forms one of the girls went to the back and called the doctor and nurse called me right away and the doctor checked me out he was a new guy new Dr. after he checked me out for about 5 min. he walked out Sadie be right back he thinks I had a stroke I didn't feel any pain so I don't know what a stroke is anyway he asked me if somebody in my family could drive me to the emergency I said I don't have anybody to drive me so he decided to just call 911 okay 911 I think it was 3 or 4 per minutes attended me while I was at the medical center and got me ready checking my vitals putting me on the gurney and I was put into the ambulance and off we went with the siren on to Cedar Sinai. It was a bit of a scary ride although I did try to keep my cool I knew something serious was happening to me that I could die maybe I won't see my family anymore. So I began to pray within myself. When I finally arrived the rest man and I waited about 10 to 15 min. on the gurney so I got a room and within 15 to 20 min. half-hour I a doctor walked in after a nurse had already seen me check my blood pressure.. And I remember the doctor telling me that he was in a help to see me through whatever the problem was.. He thinks it's a stroke. I finally got a room on the 5th floor 5008 was a number on the room at nurses around the clock they checked my vitals every 2 to 3 hours it was a big room clean good food I'd have to rate it a 5 star after coming home and my brother obeying my wishing not to tell my kids mour mother and rathe and othe r family nothing ,unless i didn't come home by Monday..was my promise,..icame home on Sunday dr checked me several times strength and gripping legs up and down,,after the first night of test in the hospital nothing but scans and mri's decided to walk down the hall back and forth ..after breakfast ..ithught i heard God tell me this in a dream i had that night did and i did a great job keeping my balance stayed within the tiles on the floor..did good thought and just could not stop until a nurse told me thats enough for today..very good she told me.i good a good night sleep my vitals were getting better as well nd blood pressure morning Sunday dr checked me out and asked me if i wanted to go home today..i was undecided for a few was then he told me i could wait until tomorrow if i wanted to.i thought of my family getting rumor of it all and decided to go home..and felt the i had had the Lords approval…nobody to pick me up i wanted to keep it that way asked the dr if he could get me a cab,,so he took care of it and i got dressed and a cab picked me up within a hr gave the driver direction and off we went..great feeling just knowing i m going home..and remembering how much love and attention i got at the hospital…thanked home and took it one day at a time..within 3 days i decided and felt likeki could ride my bicycle and my brother noticed i was not slurring my words as much,,i could bathe well shave and brush my was by this time i knew and felt iwas gonna be alright ..i knew it was my wanting to get well must most important ..i knew it was a power much stronger than me..i now say a prayer every morning not just at night..i know i could have another stroke if i don't take care of myself.andi take a aspirin every morning along with my vitamins..and i ran out of my cholesterol pills dr. gave me just a month supply ..i take my blood pressure every other day and bought a nutri -bullet blender..and my brother makes smoothies every morning and once in awhile in the evening.drink wine beer now and lost over 10 lbs in 2 months..going to 63 in June..i looking forward to moving into a bigger place complete my divorce and start my art business and live it up help my children and grandchildren.. believing you can get well will get well..don't ever give up..some support and a lotta love helps..all the best..lrpgrant ps excuse my pinmanship

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