My Stroke Story - Tiffany.

: Stoutland, MO USA

: Story: Four days after my 36th birthday I suffered a Cerebellar Stroke due to a hole in my heart. After an initial wrong diagnosis of having a brain tumour I was quite relieved to have had a stroke. It is now 6 years later and I realise how naive my thoughts were. Living with a cerebellar stroke is very isolating. I might appear normal for a while and then get silly questions of why I am using a walking stick. The most embarrasing effect is that you appear intoxicated: To me especially when I am tired, stressed or caught by surprise. I am so tired of trying to walk and talk properly during the day that I am utterly exhausted by the evening. My family is wonderful and know they must not phone me after 7 in the evening. I am blessed with wonderful colleagues who know me and I prefer to otherwise be with close family. People's judgement of the effects of this type of stroke is unreal. It is as if they don't believe you because they cannot see the actual brain damage. I wish there was more awareness of the embarrasing side-effects of this type of stroke.

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