My Stroke Story - Pamtastik.

: Grandville, Michigan

: I awoke on Nov.12 at 2:45 am being literally tossed out of bed with severe vertigo. Severe vomiting. I had crawled to the hallway. My brain and thought process was completely clear! My brain said. I am having a stroke. Call 911. Move the wine off the counter or EMS will just think I am drunk. No don't drive me. Call 911!!! I am having a STROKE!!! only my mouth said words without form or meaning. I was diagnosed with vertigo for the first 12 hours. until the MRI came back. Then I was told I had a severe Watershed Cerebellar Stroke. I could not look or turn to the left. Nor hold my head Center which I still remind myself constantly to CENTER> one week in Hospital and 5 weeks in Mary Free Bed Rehab Facility and now OP Therapy 3 times per week. I have made great progress. However I struggle with My reaction to sounds. Ice machine, door slamming, cell phone,the television or radio on make me nuts. etc. Hyper Stimulated. When it happens I startle and will sometimes shake for hours like I was spooked out of my life. For at least one month before, I knew I was going to have one. I even researched it. But none of the signs seemed to align with how I was feeling. I was extremely agitated. Irritable, Depressed and I had a fuse about a milometer long. When I was alone, I would say to myself..... OMG something is wrong with me. Only I didn't what! These hills have been hard to climb. I work between 2-4 hours per day on my exercises.And finding my Center. Trying to act Normal and Walk normal. When I am tired or overstimulated I tend to lean right. I question if the floor will ever Not move. And if I will ever NOT startle to noise. I so want my life back. I have never napped in my life. Now little chores and I need a rest. My toes are curled up in my shoes and my jaw is clenched all the time. I find the recovery exhausting!! Walk straight, Hold your head center, etc . I had never heard of a watershed cerebellar stroke before. I am not happy to have experienced it but so thankful it was bad enough to qualify my inpatient stay at one of the most amazing facilities in this country. Feel free to email me and tell me if you have similarities. Looking forward to walking Straight. Pam

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