My Stroke Story - ROSETTA CLARE.

: Telford

: 11 years ago i had a mild stroke(blood clot) that affected my memory and my right side lost 20% of feeling. People in the medical profession kept telling me things would improve but i didn't believe them. i lost confidence and hope but i had to laugh at the things i found were happening to me. 2 years after my stroke i felt something changed, couldn't put my finger on it but i knew something was happening. Even with this change i still lacked confidence and my memory still wasn't very good. Now' this year i've felt it happen again, i feel like things are back to normal...i can concentrate, remember things and i'm oozing confidence, so much so i'm now, at last going to learn to drive. i've still got 20% loss of feeling down my right side but other than that i am fine. i know people personally who have had really bad strokes and i know a lot more people out there must have had strokes. i just wanted to tell my story in the hope it would help someone out there. Its been a long time coming and i never in a million years expected this, i'm just so happy.

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