My Stroke Story - Jandiane.

: Texas

: I had a stroke july 30, 2016 at 73. I had a blood clot on the left side of my brain. No physical effects. Mostly emotional and mental. I have not been able to cry, sing, have good conversations. My voice was affected so im not heard well. Cant complete conversations. Worse part is i lost 30 pounds, now i weigh 97. I cant eat. Food doesnt taste good. At home i waste food. I eat better in restaurants. Cant eat many sweets, no chocolate. I drink an Ensure type drink every morning to keep hydrated. I get depressed in the afternoon. Because i want to do things and go places but i cant do it. I feel lazy.I read on this forum of a lot ofyou with same problems but no answers what to do about it.

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