My Stroke Story - Barbara.

: San Antonio, Texas

: The week of Christmas, I woke up with a neck ache two days in a row, telling my husband I had slept wrong and my neck hurt. Since I was so busy getting ready for company and the finishing touches the neck pain eased. The morning after Christmas I had a severe headache and when I sat on the side of the bed I fell back onto the bed. I suffered with the headache for two days thinking it was a stress headache and it would go away. After approximately 60 hours with the headache I told my husband I need to go to the hospital, this isn't a stress headache. I never had slurred speech, my blood pressure was running between 110 to 118 over 68 to 72, weight 138 and non smoker. Let me add that I have been a nurse for 42 years. By the time we arrived at the hospital and the CAT scan and MRI was completed it was established that I had a cerebellum stroke. Caused by a clot from taking a chemotherapy drug for cancer of the blood. On the 31st of December (my birthday) I suffered a brain stem clot while in the hospital. It was a small one causing difficulty seeing and swallowing. I spent 9 days in an acute care hospital, a week in a rehab hospital and a month doing 3 days a week PT. I'm still dizzy and have coordination problems but am doing much better. I have clearance to go back to work towards the end of March. When a theraptist ask me if I was depressed I stated, "No I'm blessed". I had excellent physicians who seemed to care and I do appreciate them. Needless to say the chemo drug was discontinued and I'm on anticoagulant therapy everyday. But praise the Lord I'm still here and doing well. I have learned much in regards to cerebellum strokes.

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