My Stroke Story - Heath.

: Holmesville, Ohio

: My name is Heath, and I suffered a stroke on 10/20/2010, at the age of 35. I worked that day just like any other day for 13 hours, and I went home and at 8:00 I felt dizzy, and I was very confused, I couldn't figure my cell phone out so that I could call somebody, and didnt know what was happening. So I took a shower and went to bed, and woke up at 1:30 A.M. violently ill, my ex wife rushed me to the hospital where they rushed me to another hospital, and just to be rushed to Cleveland Clinic and I was put in the ICU where they administered warfarin to thin my blood because I had a blockage on the left side of my brain. As a result I spent one week at The Cleveland Clinic, then another week at a local hospital in rehabilitation, and the next year in and out of rehabilitation. I still suffer with partial paralysis in my right arm and leg, but I see improvement every month. The Dr's. wont let me drive anymore so now I'm in school for medical assisting, then I hope to go on into neurology where I can help people who have suffered some sort of brain injury. It really saddens me to see people suffer, I want people to know the symptoms of a stroke and call or get somebody to call 911 immediately.

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