My Stroke Story - KT.

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: My husband had a stroke about 3 weeks ago at the age of 47. He's doing much better now but still has quite a few issues. He has no taste for anything he eats, talks much louder (although doctors say the stroke has nothing to do with that), numbness, tired all the time, seems to really have to concentrate on things he is saying and has alot of short term memory problems. I don't doubt that he carries a degree of depression with what has happened and really wants to get back to normal. Will he ever be that is the million dollar question??? I don't get much from the doctors since all stroke survivors have their own individual healing process. I'm hoping that others experiences will help us understand and give hope on his life returning to what he once knew it to be. He has resumed all activities and has been very lucky...we do know that. I think I notice more than he does on the issues that affect his every day life. I think this site is great for survivors to express what they are feeling and help their loved ones deal with the issues. Thanks....KT

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