My Stroke Story - Dave.

: UK spennymoor

: On December 4th 1994 (I was 34)I woke up and found I could not walk and crawled to the bathroom where I was violently ill. I was rushed to hospital and was told I had Menigitis! After been seen by 4 Drs I was sent for a MRI scan. I woke up 2 days later in Middlesborough General in Intensive Care with a drain tube in my head Apparently I had Hydrocephalus and ended up having a shunt fitted and removed 2 weeks later. Apparently my body fluids were not draning prpoerly? I was in hospital for 14 weeks and have lost my right balance am epileptic have severe ataxia, heamanopsia )loss of visual fields). This has left me with a different outlook on life totaly I later found out that it was a Transient Ischaemic Attack or TIA which is a type of stroke in which the symptoms generally get better within about 24 hours. If you or anyone you know suddenly lose the power of or understanding of speech, visual disturbances or loss of balance or any other unexpected problem you should consult your doctor without delay. Better to be safe than sorry! I remained in this hospital until recovery. Now, 17 years later I look upon life with a different attitude, I was told on my wedding day 25/10/2008 by my mother that she had been told by one of the Drs that I should have been at best confined to a wheel chair or at worst a cabage! I am still here somebody must like me! I would give anything to work again but after trying for numerous jobs my health isues let me down! At one job I was told that I was a walking health risk.

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