My Stroke Story - Sanday Springer.

: Aston Bay South Africa

: April it will be 4 years since I had a multiple-emboli I was in a coma for 2 months I was 55 years old at the time My doctors thought I may never walk again as I was totally paralysed on my left side I was determined to beat thing 3 months after leaving hospital I refused to go in the wheelchair and started using crutches When I am indoors I walk unassisted using my crutches outdoors as I sduffer very bad balance My left arm and leg are still very weak which limits what I can do Sometime I slurr my words I also have slight droopiness of the face My long term memory is still top-notch but the short term often let's me down I live as normal a life as possible I do crossword puzzles and play around on the pc At home I do what I can but I know my limits I call myself a survivor as the doctors told my children that they were putting me on life support but that they should prepare themselves for the worst as they did not think I would pull through But here I am 4 years on and telling my story There is hope Fight back with determination and never give up

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