My Stroke Story - tina.

: nh

: i am 45 i had my stroke after a heart cath gone wrong it was in temporal lobe a place where i had an injury as a child, so they say i have no deficits from this they say that i am lucky i have a slight facial droop on the left and a curl in the toes of the left foot... hmm i am loosing some vision, i have lost my ability to spell and i have a longer time almost a delayed reaction to peoples questions, i wanted to take classes to finish my degree but now i am thinking why bother my short term memory has been affected. i did loose a period of 3 months where i have no clue what happened and mind you the stroke was in mid june so may june and july was affected so my question what can i do to build up the brain anything, this is not a good look for me it is very frustrating considering i was the one who taught the kids how to read and spell,,, but i will chug on and be strong maybe that is the most important thing even thought the stroke clinic says there is nothing wrong with me so where to now....

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