My Stroke Story - jenefer.

: United Kingdom

: hi my name is jenefer - I am 50 but had my stroke in may last year age 49. I had a fall in the evening and when I woke the next morning could not move. My daughter phoned my partner who rushed round and was able to get me onto the settee. I was in no pain but the left side of my body was completely numb and my left hand felt really peculiar as though i had been sitting on it for a few days - it felt as though it didn't belong to me. My partner wanted to take me to hospital but, being in a state of denial, i refused although deep down I knew there was something seriously wrong. Stupid or what ? However, after a couple of days I relented and let him take me to hospital where, after a cat and ct scan I was told I had had a bleed on my brain which had caused my fall. I spent three weeks in hospital where i was told that my bp was sky high which was the cause of my stroke. It is now nearly a year down the road and I feel very lucky insofar as i can walk, talk, look after myself and apart from a few things, am more or less back to normal. However I find I get tired very quickly, have been told this is a common legacy of stroke, I cannot stand still for very long nor, conversely, sit down for very long without my left leg siezing up when I have to do stretching exercises to get it going again. My daughter says to me "please don't walk like that mum people will think you've been drinking" ! What I would like to say to people is don't give up hope. I appreciate there are people who have been affected much worse than me but however little you have been affected - don't give up hope and don't let people who have never been affected be stroke tell you that you are exaggerating how you feel and that after a year you "should be well over it by now" because they don't know what they are talking about !

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