My Stroke Story - Helen Cowling.

: Pudsey, Leeds

: Hi I was 28 years old when I suffered my stroke. I was giving birth and within minutes of having my beautiful daughter I suffered a stroke. At first this affected my movement and I was unable to connect my finger to my nose when asked, however it soon became apparent that this way not the only issue, I also lost all of my right pheroferal vision. Within about 10 minutes I was able to have full control of my movement once again however this was not the case for my vision. A month after my stroke I was allowed temporary permission to drive from the dvla and found the confidence to get in the car and continue driving, whilst this was strange at first I soon became adjusted and felt confident to drive my 2 children about. My next devastating news came 7 months after my stroke when I was contacted by the dvla and asked to have a field vision test, the results were not good and I soon received the dreaded letter from the dvla advising me that due to my visual defect my licence would be withdrawn as of 1st September 2009. Whilst I always knew this could happen this was still a devastating blow, I was young and healthy and now not only had half my vision been taken from me but also my freedom to drive. At the time my daughter was only 10 months old and my son was just over 2 years old. I keep telling myself that things could be worse and I have my 2 beautiful children but there are days when I feel sad, angry, and alone. My husband is fantastic but tends to wrap me up in cotton wool, he is always asking if i have a headache and I think he constantly worries about me and that it could happen again. Until I found this site I felt like maybe I was the only one this happened to so young but I feel a little better in the knowledge that I'm not alone I know my memory is not the best anymore and I seem to have a shorter fuse than I used to have, but knowing that there are others like me makes me feel better about myself. I am one of the lucky ones, whilst my vision has gone I still have the use of all my limbs etc and my face hasn't dropped so to look at me I just look normal, it's only when I walk into someone or something and I have to apologise and explain that I couldn't see them that people realise I have an issue. I hope my story makes someone else feel like they are not aloneand there are others out there who have experienced similar experiences.

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