My Stroke Story - Becky Weiss.

: Southern California, USA

: Hi everyone - first time writing. I was so excited to find this website as my search for information on a cerebellum stroke was very difficult. Not even the doctors were much help. They treated the symptoms but no information on how to watch for another stroke, how to avoid, etc. My husband was the patient, he had the stroke March 18, 2011. It was so strange, we thought he had food poisoning along with dehydration. Not being able to walk was the main reason we called 911 to seek medical attention. They kept him for 8 days until they felt it was safe for him to go home. Basically, he got back on his feet within two weeks and the physical therapists were impressed with his recovery. But here is where I need your help. Today he has a severe headache, dizzy but able to walk and just doesn't feel right. Do you have those days or is it something to worry about? How do you know if you are having another stoke or on the verge of one? ONe doctor tells us to take it easy for a while (how much is a while) and another one says to get moving, walk, exercise, etc. etc. As I understand it, there are two types of these strokes, as described to me - one is wet and one a dry. My husband had the dry kind, and whatever caused the blockage is not visible in tests. I think that is a good thing. Anyway, I feel so uninformed and looking for any information I can find.

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