My Stroke Story - Marcel.

: Los Angeles, CA

: I am 38 years old and i had a stroke back in April 2011. I went two days in my apartment on the floor because I couldn't even crawl and no one heard my calls for help. I spent three weeks in the hospital, of which I don't remember much of the first two weeks. I learned how to walk again in the hospital, use my right hand, and taught myself to talk again. It is the end of June now and I can talk and walk normally again, and I am both left and right handed now. Recovery was a lot of work, but it never crossed my mind that I wouldn't walk again. I did a lot of my exercising in the dark, and am convinced that helped a lot. I am also a firm believer in Accutonics now. I think my Accutonics therapist saved my life. It has taken three months, and I don't smoke anymore, but I consider myself normal again.

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