My Stroke Story - Douglas.

: San Diego

: I had a stroke 5 months ago. I woke up with numbness my right arm and leg. I couldn’t stand. I tried to walk but I fail down. It happened several time during the day. I had never thought about having stroke. I’d just wonder what was going on with me. I had terrible headache the next two days. I went back to work the next Monday. The numbness happened again several times. Each time last about 30 seconds. Every time it happened, I felt dizziness, I hold on to my body with my left side, and 30 seconds everything back to normal. I waited until Friday and went to urgent care. The Dr. sent me to ER after talking to someone on the phone. At ER, I had blood test, EKG, MRI, CT Scan… result came out I had Stroke on my left brain. All other test came out normal. My LDL 103, Trigly 150, HDL 40. They sent me home after 1.5 days at the hospital with Zocor, and Aspirin. I am 37, 128lb, 5.5’ , and I am in depression now since the Dr. couldn’t explain why I had the stroke, and I don’t know what to do. NO reason for me to have stroke with all the normal test results. After on strict diet and the Zocor 20mg I am taking now. My LDL is 45, Trigly at 80, HDL 42. What should I do next? I have 2 little ones to raise …

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