My Stroke Story - Womble.

: Enfield, London

: My mum's 56 (god she'd hate this being written here but I need to vent somewhere) History-she's smoked for years, smoked ALOT too, she's unhealthy works from home. She's petrified of doctors and hospitals. Bit about my mum shes a very private person, not too hot on physical contact, very respectful of other people and their conditions. Whilst on holiday in june last year my father drove over a speed hump (country road) and it hit quite hard i think and it somewhat jerked her neck. After this her vision was blurred almost straight away afterwards, she experienced extreme head aches. 6 weeks after this holiday i convinced her to get her eyes tested they told her she'd had a hemorrage behind the eye causing double vision. She refused to have an MRI just a CT scan. over the next few months the vision got worse overlapping images, dancing images and total blindness on her right left hand side. HEr brain would try to input what information was missing and she would often say she was seeing things look like a Picasso painting. They put her on so so many blood pressure tablets, her pressure at it's worst was 270, then it came down to 150-200. Then these side effects started to come in, dizzyness that I can't begin to describe, headaches that looks like they were gonna kill her, neausia all the time though never actually being sick. Last week I came home and she's started vomiting, she looked grey it was just horrible to watch then when we called the paramedics her speach slurred, we knew she'd had a stroke then. It's now 1 week since the stroke set in, she's had a dreadful chest infection that nearly killed her and the feeling she HAD lost to her right hand side of the body is returning. She's in a NHS hospital at the moment and begging us to take her home and it's breaking our hearts to leave her there. The UCLH at Euston London was spectacular in every way but...this new hospital I've left her in i feel like im abandoning her, she keeps telling us she hates us. She's telling the other patients to shut up and be quiet. she's had a cerebellum Stroke and seems to have affected her personality i think. All I can say is don't rely on google/yahoo to auto diagnose side effects this could have been avoided. Doctors are now saying the last 7 months werent side affects they were all the effects of a stroke. I'm hoping her moods return :-/ this is breaking my heart every day she tells us she hates us now

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