My Stroke Story - Avis Langdon.

: Bath

: In July 2009 after a - very unpleasant - cerebral angiogram, I was diagnosed with a congenital fistula (DAVF) and at the end of that month this was successfully embolised (Onyx treatment). At some point during or shortly afterwards - possibly during the first night when I was vomiting heavily - I suffered a cerebellar stroke, that scan also showing that I had a dissected left vertebral artery. Although I was told that I would be back to normal in six weeks, this was not the case and after a subsequent scan a couple of months later I was told to stop taking the low dose aspirin. I do not have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, do not smoke and am not overweight. I am however nearly 69 and age was possibly my unlucky factor. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with the ataxia and general weakness on my left side, clumsiness, poor balance and continual feeling of dizziness/nausea. However, nearly three years on, I cope with most things, but am resigned to being slow and I get extremely tired. Pilates is the only recreational activity that I can manage - it addresses the core strength and doesn't require me to move quickly. Any rapid movement results in me losing my balance and appearing to be drunk. And that's embarrassing! I have swallowed my pride and use a stick when out shopping. I should be interested to hear from anyone who has suffered a similar stroke, and to know how they have learned to cope.

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