My Stroke Story - Mike.

: UK

: In october 2011 I had a stroke. Let me tell you what happened. It was a normal day at work… people coming and going, jobs getting done. I didn't feel right, not particularly unwell, but not quite right. I put it down to the onset of a migraine and made a note to take some tablets when I get home. Later that day I started having the tell tale visual disturbances of a migraine and was cursing myself for not doing anything about it sooner. I took the rest of the day off work and went to bed. Usually when I've had a migraine taking the tablets and going to bed in a dark room is enough to see it off, but not this time - I awoke feeling worse than I had when I'd gone to bed. The blotched in front of my eyes were worse than ever and I felt really nauseous. It was around new my wife insisted I go to the hospital. The hospital found my blood pressure to be slightly high (250/180 I believe) and sent me for a CT scan. Apparently I was having a bleed to my Occipital Lobe. At the time I found this really hard to accept, as apart from migraine like symptoms I felt absolutely normal. Then things started to get a little weird. I remember thinking all the nurses in the hospital were out to get me. This wasn't helped by an old man in a nearby bed trying to escape every 10 minutes. I also remember looking at my mobile and wondering why someone had set it to a foreign language. I'd completely lost track of time, not knowing what time it was, or even what day it was. Because there were no windows by my bed, I didn't know whether it was day or night. I remember falling asleep, then waking up and thinking another day had gone by, when if effect It might only have been an hour or so. It felt like I'd been in that bed for days… months and no-one had been to visit me or even check to see if I was OK. It then I decided to make my escape. I got up, got dressed and walked out of the hospital, then walked the 2 miles hope in the pouring rain at why must have been 3am. Let's just say the wife got a bit of a surprise and didn't believe my story of being discharged for one minute. She dragged me back to the hospital the next day, but after several tests, they agreed to continue everything as am outpatient. I guess medically I'm extremely lucky. I had a stroke and managed to spend 2 nights in hospital, and only took 2 weeks off work. Initially I couldn't read (despite being able to write perfectly), had permanent pins 'n needles in my food and lost my left field of view. Six months later the pins 'n needles are still there, but my reading, although nowhere near as good as it was, is now acceptable. My field of view has improved, but isn't perfect. I can see things to my left, but they appear fuzzy and out of focus. All in all, things could have been far worse. Emotionally though, it's been a complete nightmare. My eldest daughter lives 300 miles away, and not being able to drive has meant the last time I saw here was before the stroke. My ex partner has always looked for ways of stopping me seeing here and this is her perfect opportunity…

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