My Stroke Story - Matt Rohen.

: Murfreesboro, Tn.

: Hello to All, My name is Matt Rohen and I'm 36 years old, and I have a story that might adjust your perception on available resources, along with maximizing capabilities, and possibilities regarding someone's overall potential..I was born and raised in Flint MI, with an automotive industry environment surrounding myself along with my family throughout a majority of my life (generations of my family retired or left the automotive industry), and it even continued into where I'm currently located in Murfreesboro TN, in the south. A little over two years ago I suffered a stroke (I was electrocuted from unplugging someone's freezer that had a short in it. It prevented the place from going up in a blaze. I drove myself to the hospital not knowing what happened, and I couldn't talk, so I wrote down what just happened, and the doctor said if I didn't drive myself there I wouldn't be here, but let's go back one year prior to my accident. I started with corporate communications inside a media center for the largest automotive corporation in the country, then I was a quality control technician for an import automotive plant for several years, and a line leader, and due to lack of seniority, intimidation in the work place regarding possible layoffs, and my marriage at that time (married to a school teacher) regarding our schedules I've always had to work 3rd shift, so for the most part I was forced to take a companywide buyout, then I was divorced, and of course my stroke. I'm still paying for some of my medical bills from my accident, I'm about to lose my house, had to dig into my 401k (what little I had) to possibly avoid the bank from taking my home from me, but it looks like I've lost this fight..I am so humble just to be here, and extremely thankful for all the advice and help from the family and friends that has lead me in the right direction to simply stay above the water, and those who know me, and also know me good and well that I will never give up..So much of this is to communicate on how to improve my capabilities, (I have the academic skills of a 6th grader from my stroke),improve my opportunities (I'm currently working in a warehouse making 11.50 an hour, 40 plus hours a week, producing refurbished cell phones through a temp agency, making less than one third of what I was making before my accident, with a $1200.00 a month mortgage, and I owe $145,000 on it, so you can do the math on some of this predicament), so what's next? I've contacted some non-profit government charitable organizations after doing some research to see if a qualify for some type of hardship or financial assistant grants, and they just ended up taking money from me that I didn't have. I was told since my home is FHA loaned the bank is not going to assist me. Before my family all moved away, I've been so used to helping and assisting my family, friends, co-workers, and others, and I've always wanted to finish school and be a social worker, that was my goal, to help others, and never would I picture that I would be on the complete opposite side of my goals, not to mention I can barely afford to pay my monthly electric & water, much less than my mortgage, so I’ve contacted you, my bank, some angel investors, and more, and anybody else that is willing to hear my story, and wants to make a difference I am more than thankful. I'm sorry this didn't have the happy ending most people would expect to hear from a story like this..So, keep in mind any form of advice, or any leadership guiding me in the right direction is greatfully appreciated..Thank you, so much. Matt Rohen

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