My Stroke Story - Jo.

: Croydon

: My dad suffered a stroke 11 days ago a left hemisphere stroke. After day 3 he started to show inprovements with his speech, swallowing etc he knew who all of the members of my family were. But then on day 6 everything took a turn for the worse, my dad became restless, speech started to diminish and he became very uncomfortable. By day 7 he was completely unresponsive, breathing was irregular and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to see. Seeing my dad laying there still even now kills me inside. The doctors done another scan and he had suffered a brain stem stroke aswell as the first one which explained he's deterioration and a chest infection. They say medically there is not much more they cam do for him, just treat the blood pressure and chest infection and wait and see. My dad has opened his eyes a few time said a few words since then but is still very restless and it's upsetting to see. I just keep hoping he don't feel pain and it is so hard to stay positive at a time like this....... Just hope he gets better Xxxx

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