My Stroke Story - Dave.

: Doncaster

: I need help has anyone suffered a similar stroke. stroketype symptoms 3yrs after initial stroke I am needing any feedback, as to whether anyone else seems to have or have had recurring stroke like symptoms 3years after a small stroke. 8years ago, I at 39 yrs old was a senior manager at a large uk ftse company, I had a massive nervous breakdown. This was due to 20years 15hour day 6days a weeks workaholic lifestyle, in business management and also running my own parttime business as well as working. I suffered with hypertension, high cholesterol, and abnormal electrical QT wave diagnosed when I was 24years old, due to constantly having heart pain, I underwent stress tests which I couldnt complete and after having an angiogram,it was found that under stress, my heart arteries and blood vessels constrict severely causing me pain. All this eventually with my high work ethic, caused me to have a breakdown, I then was unable to work and fell into severe depression. 3years ago whilst having a nice stroll near the beach at cleethorpes,with my wife i experienced loss of feeeling in my left leg for approx 10minutes and then the same thing in the left arm. My wife and I laughed it off, wondering what was going off, I also felt unwell and dizzy so we decided to drive back home to doncaster. My left side felt weak, so after having a couple of drinks he went to bed early. The next morning I was unable to get up properly, so my wife came upstairs and noticed i had the drooped mouth and eye on the left side of my face. I was unsteady and weak on his left leg and left arm, and had a severe pain behind my left eye socket and was very slurring and unsteady due to dizziness. Luckily my 24year old daughter who had popped in stated that this looked like stroke and the paramedics came out and confirmed hospital treatement. I was treated for a stroke and subsequent scans and consultant reports within the next 48hrs states scans have shown unusually white changes on the left hand side of my brain, which should have affected the right hand side, and I had no changes on the right hemisphere to cause the left side issues. A conundrum as one specialist called it. Im on treatment, for the above confirmed illnesses, but ive been told that the stroke type symptoms are due to stress and called functional symptoms and I have been recommended for psychotherapy,but will not be allowed down this road until my depressions stabilises. My grown up children, aged 30, 24 and 21 and myself and wife are getting exccedingly worried, as I am having more of these episodes especially over the last 8-10months. These episodes are now as frequent as three times a day and sometimes 7days a week, where I suffer episodes of stroke type symptoms, during my sleep, and twice during the day. These attacks which can be from light to severe attacks are as follows, a light attack is like an electrical current going through my head to a bad one sometimes precedes with a tingle initially in lefthand side of my face, which then ends with me displaying the symptoms as already described on numerous occasions and literally ends with me sleeping,and my leg and arm feeling like a lead weight, these have been seen by many medical professionals within Royal Hallamshire Sheffield Hospital, Doncaster Hospital, the nurses at the local GP and local CMHT. Once i have recovered ie woken up after a sleep from 2 to 4hrs, i feels sometimes like I am drunk and hungover for a day or two, and i am unable to walk once these attacks happen and i am very weak on my left side leg and arm continuously. A heavy attack has the following symptoms, dizziness, pain in my head, a drooped mouth and left eye and left handside face, weakness in left arm and left leg, unable to walk, slurred speech, tingling in the lefthand side of face, blurry vision. These attacks whether light, medium or heavy, always ends up with myself being completely fatigued and then my brain forces me to sleep, from 2 to 4 hrs or so. These attacks happen during my sleep, as my wife is unable to wake me up in the morning and when i do finally wake up, i have the telltale left sided face droop etc, they can happen anytime of the day, whilst im sat watching tv etc. sometimes 2 to 3 times a day for upto 7days. Ive been tested for bells palsy, ms, but no joy..does anyone have these effects or symptoms after 3 yrs after a stroke? Im under a neurologists at Sheffield Royal, but theyve put it down to functional symptoms due to stress,..we need help or any info from stroke survivors, have you suffered anything like excuse the length of the posting I have also been experiencing in addition to the other symptoms, pain in my bones on my left side and back, especially when i retires to bed at night, to the point where we have had to obtain a loan to purchase, a £3000 hospital type adjustable bed, which has not really alleviated the pain. I have never ever regained the strength in my left leg or arm, this was only a small stroke, due to furred up carotid artery the consultants have informed me. I am constantly in turmoil over this, feeling very depressed and even suicidal on a daily basis, I just need some answers or other experiences and how they have coped or resolved. This is affecting my whole family too, in a depressive way. Thanks Kind Regards Dave and Nicola

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