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Subject: Brother, 39, just had a massive stroke

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06/11/2011 15:00:16
hi pixel, your message came in on 27th May and today its 6th Nov, I was wondering what the progress is so far. My sister had a massive stroke in her sleep (on the left side of her brain) and 4 weeks later had another stroke again on the left side. It was after the 2nd stroke that I have noticed her "blank"stares as you mentioned in your brother's case. Tje doctors say that they have not seen it (as they soend just a few minutes with her) but I alerted them to the fact that she has these stares. Upon googling this very carefully, I have found that this is something called absence seizures.

Today is 8 weeks since her first stroke and she is being weaned off the ventilator. It is not known if she can speak or swallow yet.

Pls let me know about your brother's progress. God bless.
27/05/2011 00:57:59
I thought I'd posted earlier but I don't see it on here so here goes again.

My brother woke up this morning but he is not resposive to anything, he just stares straight forward, when someone speaks there's nothing, no response.
The nurses have him sitting in an upright position, pillows either side, and he can hold his head up.

The Dr's say when he first arrived at the hospital, he arrived after an hour and a half, the stroke was on the left side of his brain, then he had a stroke on the right side, they have never seen this before, also the stroke was caused by a heart problem which we knew nothing about.

Has anyone seen this before, where a person wake up but just stares???? The Dr's say they cannot say how much damage has been done yet, they have to wait and see. They do think he can hear and we think so too. Thanks for any help.
25/05/2011 04:06:07
Dean, thank you so much for your reply.

My other brother had to ask the nursing staff not to say negative things in the room, one time they were saying he is not going to make it. We were told he would not survive the first night by the neuro surgeon but he is still with us.

No, he can't blink but once when we spoke to him both of his legs moved, the nurse said she thought it could be involuntary though but it happened just as we spoke to him He cannot swallow so has a feeding tube. We do believe he can hear us, and I am crying as I'm writing this as I feel so helpless to help him.

We were also told he may never wake up, has anyone ever head of this? Do most people who are in this sleep state wake up eventually? He has been this way for 11 days.
Just to add, we are being told there is damage to both sides of his brain, they do not know to what extent though yet.
24/05/2011 23:07:45
If it looks like he can hear you make sure you keep talking to him and do not let the medical staff say anything negative around him. Read him books or give him books on tape. This would be good cognitive stimulation, although I don't know how you tell when he is tired and needs to sleep. maybe you need to start seeing if he can respond in any way, can he blink, tap a finger/toe? This is what your speech therapist is for, to find a way to communicate with him. It may be hard but challenge them to do it.
24/05/2011 22:51:12
my brother had a massive stroke 11 days ago, he seems to be in a "sleeping" state but tries to move if he hears us speak to him. the drs say he cannot speak, swallow and he is blind.

Does anyone know how long it takes before a stroke patient can wake up? do you think he can hear things going on around him? thanks for any help and advice.