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18/06/2017 15:03:22
Guest Hi All, I recently had a stroke (April 2017) the only symptom I had was some loss of lower Left Hand peripheral vision. I have had a couple of hospital based field vision tests on the automated machine and according to the orthoptist I have failed both of them, she advised me that I should inform DVLA of my visual defect and that I shouldn't drive. Before the DVLA revoked my licence I wanted to see if I could get a driving assessment done, so I called my local centre, they said that as a doctor had said I shouldn't drive they could not help without special dispensation from DVLA. So I called DVLA and explained that I had reported my visual defect to them using their online system and that I wanted to get an assessment of my driving, well you would have thought I had requested asked them to chop their leg off, and was told in no uncertain terms that was impossible, and that in fact it would be better if I just surrendered my licence. So I did surrender my licence, however I now feel that I did this far to quickly and have been robbed of a chance to prove that I could still drive.

Does anyone know how I might go about getting my licence back?
08/02/2012 12:32:49
Guest Hi. I've got a visual field defect (RH side both eyes) following a stroke and managed to get my licence back after 19 months. Please contact me if you need
more information. iandsjohnston@hotmail.co.uk
26/10/2011 17:26:23
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I'm really happy for you, I bet it feels great to be on the road again!
So did you loose any vision? See that's my only lasting effect, I have no right pheriferal vision at all.
I'm a very confident driver and drove like this for 8 months so if tested I'm confident I would pass, in fact I think I was more aware of my sutroundings and used my mirrors more than I ever had done with full vision!
25/10/2011 17:49:56
Guest hi all i had a stroke last year and managed to get back to driving in six months in the uk it seems the mosti mportant opinion is your doctor i had a an ability test and advice locally and was advised to have 2 hrs lessons in an adapted car i bought an lpg/ dual fuel jag on ebay for peanuts the conversion cost £1300.00 which was a shock as nobody had mentioned the cost of hand controls horn wiper indicators- i took the car to cologne last week with my little brother -i do get tired but it is great to be able able to drive again good luck to all of you but do remember that other road users are vulnerable no mistakes, rest a lot.
22/10/2011 20:19:17
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That's great news!! I bet your really happy!! Did you loose any vision? And if so when you got your licence back did you still have a visual defect? Sorry for all the questions, I just really miss driving! My father in law is a driving instructor so he would be more than happy to get me back out on the road! Sorry just another question you said state? Are you in America? If so are the laws different? Thanks for your comments it's great to know that tree is hope xx
22/10/2011 19:04:48
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In Ohio you can drive whenever you feel up to it.I did get my eyes checked to be sure my eyes were ok.
20/10/2011 18:56:59
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I just received my license back in Oct. 2010. I had a stroke in May 2007. You must the process with the Driving Safety Office for your state. You can get the forms 4 your PCP & Neurologist to complete. Depending on their comments, you can get a temporary permit to drive. You schedule some driving lesson w/ a driving school in a vehicle (8 hrs min) modified to your needs. Then you take the lessons and u have the company fax the completion cert. over to the DSO. You then wait for a call from DSO & sched. an appt. w/ local DMV to take ur tests.
09/05/2011 23:29:56
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Good question, I'm guessing you dont need a valid license, since your not allowed to drive after a stroke until you have been approved. Check with mobility though, I'm no expert.
09/05/2011 22:58:14
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I have just had a look on the website but do you have to have a valid licence? I still have my driving licence but as it was revoked I presume it's useless? Can you do this without a licence?
09/05/2011 22:33:51
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Hi sorry just seen your last message, I think the issue is the fact that I have lost the right side in both eyes not just one. I totally agree though and feel maybe it's time to launch my appeal with the dvla, my father in law is a driving instructor and I have no doubt he would have not let me step foot back in the drivers seat if he didn't think I was capable, the thing that's get me more is the fact they allowed me to drive for 8 months with my vision as it was and in all that time I didn't have a single incident. I'm not stupid and there is no way I would ever put the lives of my children in any danger.
I hope someone else has a similar success story, this would give me even more hope that my licence might be returned!
09/05/2011 22:26:24
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Thanks for that, it gives me something positive to look at after all the bad news. I just hope that I can at some point get my licence back and get back to driving!
09/05/2011 15:17:43
Guest It sounds a bit unfair to me that you lost your licence due to peripheral vision, as far as I know people can drive with sight in only one eye if they register with DVLA as a one eyed driver. Personally I would appeal against the DVLA to see if they will re-assess you. I hope this helps.
09/05/2011 01:39:14
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Hi, I'm in a sort of similar situation. Fortunately my eyesight was not affected. Weakness on the left hand side (still is). I was an hgv driver before my stroke and even though
I'll never be able to go back to that I'm confident of driving an automatic car again. If you feel you can mange to drive safely, do what I done, have your gp refer you to
mobility for a driving assesment, they are all over Britain and the assesor decides whether or not you can drive again and he informs dvla who will renew your license if all
goes well. Your refferal MUST be from your own doctor, they wont accept it from yourself, at least not here in Scotland. Good luck.
07/04/2011 00:24:16
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Hi, I'm new to this but just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced the same as me. I was 28 years old when I suffered a stroke In child birth that led to the loss of my right peripheral vision in both eyes.
I was given temp permission to drive from the dvla and 7 months later they finally tested my vision and revoked my licence.
It's been over a year and a half since I lost my licence but still feel if I had been tested on my driving I would have passed. Is there anything I can do to try and obtain my licence back? I miss driving and the independence it gave me. I hope someone might be able to help and maybe point me in the right direction.
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Home » Stroke Survivors » Will I ever get my driving licence back?