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21/08/2009 18:49:22
Guest Hi Andi, I stopped smoking the day I had my stroke, it was a real wake up call! Your stroke was very recent so I guess the bad dreams are part of the recovery process. But I'm no expert. Anybody else experienced bad dreams/nightmares following their stroke? Best wishes, John D'Arcy
21/08/2009 17:02:12
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Hi there, Ive Just come out of Hospital after having a Stroke on wednesday night, been told to loose weight and stop the Smoke!
I had a real awful dream last night a real scarey one.
My Stroke was classed as a Mild one and if effected my left hand side from Lips to Toes...

Im 40 just, and work as a Gardener so very active all year I also beat in my local shoot so its not through lack of excercise.

Im very Scared
16/08/2009 13:05:31
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Hi, John. It is reassuring to hear from another "terror" victim.That was the worst thing that has ever happened to me and if I think of it, now, the feeling still comes back, to a lesser degree. I didn't have morphine.
15/08/2009 17:56:57
Guest Hi Moira, I also had these symptoms while I was still in hospital but I put it down to the Morphine I was on at the time as the symptoms stopped when I got home. I was totally convinced the medical staff were trying to kill me, apparently I used some pretty colourful language when I told them to "Go away"! It was really scary because at the time I was also having hallucinations, these also stopped after I got back home. I suppose I'll never really know whether this was caused by the stroke damage or the drugs I was on. Hopefully you to will improve with time, best wishes, John D'Arcy
14/08/2009 18:42:42
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Please excuse any typing errors. Someone moved all the krys when I was off havinv my stroke!!!!

Has any one else suffered from horrendous nightmsres - terrors, really- after their stroke? Mine started about a month or less into it. I started dreaming that people (the staff,and especially a male staff nurse) were trying to kill me. The fear was indescribable and my husband had often to be phoned to try to calm me down, which took a long time to doI was eventually given medication after trying to injure a nurse with a heavy object.I used to wake up hunting in my locker for large knives that Iknew were thereThe psychiatrist called in to helpprescribed the medication but had no explanaation.The feelings slowly went and coming home got rid completely
I have a friend who is a clinical psychiatrist.When she came to see me I asked her about the dreams. She said it was perfectly understandable and compared it to Post Traumatic StressDisorderand explained logically why it happened. It was horrendous so terrifying and so real. It could even start during waking hours

I would like to know if anyone else has suffered the same
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