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24/04/2011 10:10:07
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Some might say the pain is a good thing, sakima. It means the nerves are still working. Unlike some stroke survivors who eperience permanent numbness or insensivity to temperature because the nerves have been killed. Maybe I'm being a bit pessimistic here, but it seems the fitter you try to be, the more you set yourself up for a stroke. Sometimes the effects take years to wear off, it just depends what the body is able to repair or rebuild.
20/04/2011 12:50:11
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Before my stroke, I used to live at the gym and I would do lateral raises (shoulder) with 30/40/50 kilo dumbells. So, why is it that my delts are killing me now with using no weight at all, when, I assume, that the muscle mass is still there? I just dont understand.
My stroke, very severe, was in 2004. I am virtually paralysed. I will not walk again.

I have always used a standaid for transfering, so my muscles have been in constant use, so I cannot understand the pain from just raising my arms. I understand the weakness, but not the pain.
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