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14/05/2018 11:12:09
Hello everybody.

I am an assistant editor at Medical News Today and we have recently written an article on what it physically feels like to have a stroke. We would really like to speak with some people who have previously had a stroke so that we can accurately represent this to our readers as best as we can. In the article we cover the physical and emotional impact that a stroke can have and we would be open to any changes that people think could improve the content of the article. The current article can be found here:


I appreciate that this is a very sensitive topic and contributions could be anonymous if preferred. If anybody would be interested in speaking with me then please feel free to either add your contributions to this thread or email me at priches@healthline.com. Nothing will be published before I have spoken with you and any emails sent in confidentiality will be kept that way.

Many thanks,

Phil Riches
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Home » Stroke Survivors » What does a stroke feel like?