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09/12/2014 06:18:04
Hallo All, I am from Indonesia. I am 48 years old and a stroke-survivor. I am looking to enliven my right-limb with no-cost, could you help? I have no luxury to have any treatment. Actually I want to do TaiChi also, do you have suggestion? Kind regards
01/09/2014 11:00:50
Guest Super jazzed about getting that knohow-w.
27/01/2013 17:13:01
Guest I am BOB DALTON founder of FFS and can say look at my testimonial on the site and read how I struggled to find similar treatment here in the UK. The hospital is a specialist stroke rehabilitation unit in Hungary and has treated me three times now. It far exceeded my expectations and I really did benefit from their extensive range of treatments. It is a place of excellence!!
Ring me for further infomation on my personal phone. 07855 795845
04/11/2011 16:31:14
Posts 46
Looking at their site, it seems they like using big words to confuse you as to what exactly they are doing. I would be quite interested in their proven research behind Carbonic baths,Iontophoresis
Selective stimulus current
Shortwave therapy
Four-cell galvanic bath
Biptron lamp
Bourgignon ,
in conclusion i would say they are just preying on your hope for recovery, I would be willing to bet that they are just using the normal spontaneous recovery and attributing that to their therapies with no basis.
Quackery to me, but then I am just a stroke-addled survivor.
03/11/2011 13:01:28
Peter O
Posts 111
With all due respect the person who developed this site which I have just had a look at had a stroke just over a year ago. Now medical research has been going on for years and new developments are emerging all the time such as the plasticity of the brain and how new sikills for the stroke survivor take place. The Stroke Association also have a number of fact sheets which can be downloaded covering a wide range of subjects. they also have a useful forum. I am not impressed with the the one you mention.
02/11/2011 09:55:27
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Has any1 tried the services offered by www.freedomfromstrokes.org - they look quite interesting but i don't want to take the plunge until i can hear someones experiences.
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