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14/03/2013 07:43:12
How can I get rid of heart problems ?

Heart Disease
12/03/2013 18:06:07
Guest Prayers for and your husband.
11/03/2013 17:09:03
Peter O
Posts 111
I sent a reply but it would not go because of a faultso i am sending this a s a test
09/03/2013 23:46:19
My husband suffered MCA /PCA stroke, 6th september 2012, he spent 9 weeks in hospital, he is currently still in rehab, he currently has no use of left arm and leg.
so i just take each day as it comes, im now in my 183rd day from 6th september last year, visiting him everyday. He has to remain in rehab unit, he should have been able to come home
weeks ago, but to add to our stress we have to move house as his wheelchair will not negotiate the rooms ect. My husband is the worst person i have seen with
a severe stroke, he nearly died 4 times 3 times with pnuemonia and collapsed lung, all i can say and i said it from day one he will pull through, so at the moment i just be thankful
for each day. At the moment each evening i just think of the next day visiting him, but i wish we could be settled in our own home. He is unaware of where he is, so is always calling
for me when i am at home. I believe because he is too long now where he is, ( 9 weeks in hospital and now going into 17 weeks in rehab centre) because we now have to wait for suitable move,
whenever that will be.
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Home » Stroke Survivors » Severe stroke.