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25/08/2016 02:07:04
Guest Hi Jennifer. I had a Wallenberg stroke on 12th March this year. It see
02/12/2015 06:02:59
Guest This is the second try at this comnmet -- the first one produced an error. If two come up, I apologize.The thing to remember is that SIDS is not a disease. It is a syndrome, which is just a cluster of signs an symptoms -- in this case, just the death of an infant without explanation. It's a little like "headache of unknown cause." A researcher might come along and find out that brain tumors can cause headaches. Thus, people with brain tumors and headaches will have the headaches attributed to the tumor, not "unkknown cause." Another researcher might find that stress can cause headaches. Another might find that drinking cold drinks can cause headaches, etc.In the case of SIDS, as different causes of infant death are discovered, those cases are recategorized. The actual rate of infant death may not change a lot (and it really has been a modest change). The only difference is that the deaths are categorized differently. For instance, my office no longer calls deaths in which the child is placed prone in soft bedding as SIDS. They are called "sudden unexpected infant death (SUID) in the presence of prone position." Similarly, deaths in which there is cosleeping are categorized as "SUID in the presence of cosleeping." Thus the great "decrease" in SIDS is not due to a great decrease in death (though the "back to sleep" program *has* helped a lot), but to a change in nomenclature.Finally, I have to say that I disagree with your statement about autopsies (as you might expect). To me, it's a little like vaccination and floridation. The public health benefits far outweigh what are, essentially, aesthetic complaints. Autopsies for natural disease do not usually preclude open-casket funerals or delay funeral proceedings. They certainly don't hurt the dead person. The question then boils down to how many thousand people are we willing to have die for an aesthetic objection?
02/06/2013 15:43:14
Guest Jennifer:
I had a brain-srem stroke and was diagnosed with Wallenburg syndrome 8 months ago. I was paralized onleft side ans was unable to swallow. I started eating again in January and had my gastric feeding tube removed in March. I go to OccupationL Therapy and the gym 3 times a week. I am working on regaining some movement in mt left arm and leg. I have no flexion in my left ankle and wear a foot-up strap to keep my left footfrom dragging. I have constant pins and needles on my left side. It has been, and is, a constant struggle to rebuild.
29/04/2013 05:04:24
I have been diagnosed with Wallenberg Syndrome after a medullary brainstem stroke a bit over 4 months ago. I have been having trouble tracking down other Wallenberg-ers with whom to compare notes and for general support. Any others out there?
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Home » Stroke Survivors » Looking for others with Wallenberg Syndrome