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08/05/2016 17:30:49
Guest I haven't regained my taste in one year. No Doctor or anyone can explain, but it's still going on. The metallic taste is almost unbearable, some days but not always. I am somewhat back to normal after working my rear end off for four to five months in therapy. Just a reminder to all. Keep working, pushing hard, be positive, things will change, I believe.
13/10/2015 16:50:41
Guest Finding this post has anrewsed my prayers
22/08/2015 04:02:10
16/06/2015 23:41:08
i had a stroke 1 month ago it affectedthe right side of my brain, so paralysis on my left side, mostly my hand and arm. i ws lucky since it did not affect my leg drastically and i was ble to walk. i do notice new things everyday that are not like they used to be. I used to love food and really enjoyed it , now i have lost my appetite and eat only for survival which truly sucks because eating cooking and food in general were my passion as i sit here typing this with one hand i truly hopethat i get my taste back someday it is on of the things i miss most. i am also an emotional wreck and break down crying over anything i returned to work this week , a month after my stroke but i was struggling financially and also bored out of my mind sitting home it is a bit of a struggle since it takes me an hour to do what i wouldve done normally in a few minutes i also end up crying with all my customers and coworkers i never imagined a stroke would bring about so many changes in me. i know its only been a month and i am pushing myself i guess the qyestion is will i ever be myself again. i feel like i dont speak the same anymore especially over the phone. i sound like a robot, no emotion. does it get better ?? i feel like i am no longer me. i loved my life, it was full of joy , loved my job, my friends, my family, having fun. now i just live everyday waiting for the neeeeeext day hoping things will be the same someday. i am happy that i survived so i really shouldnt complain but i miss me so much. everyone wants to give you advice, but unless they've gonre thru it themselvedd , nobofy reall y knows how i feel.
28/02/2015 23:07:47
Guest My husband had a stroke in Sept. 2014...bleed was on left side of brain so affected right side...it has also affected his taste buds everything taste the same..
its going on 6mos now & hes still in therapy...still needs to get full strength back in right hand & arm...
31/08/2014 16:15:52
My mom had a stroke June 30, 2014. She is 79 years old. It occurred on her right side of the brain. She has had weakness on the left side of her body and her strength is gradually coming back, however, her taste is wreaking havoc on her. Everything tastes like you are eating Styrofoam. She has survived on about 4 ounces of Ensure a day. Has anyone ever had this? if so, do you know what you would advise to help her? Food looks good on television,but it nauseates her to put it in her mouth or even smell it.
23/03/2014 18:18:01
I thought I was all alon in this situation - but finally my appetite returned abut only about 99% No one told me it happens. My typing on the computer is also coming back but I was determined to keep working at it. I was also a little scared of what would it be like if I could not do my job as effectively as I once did. remembering passwords was tough. Even using the copier at work was tough but I eve went in on weekends to practice and stayed late. - I did not want anyone to know the extent I have great respect for anyone with extensive stroke damage to their limbs and movements.
08/12/2010 19:17:45
Guest Hi I had my stroke on 29/2/10 and am now on aspirin, Dipyridamole and simistatin, however I also took Champix for 3 months shortly after to give up the cigarettes. Throughout the whole of this time from the moment I took first pill I lost appetite and lived on half a banana for breakfast (to take meds not through wanting to eat) and ice cream for tea for same reason. I lost over 2 and a half stone, I blamed the Champix but this has been taken further and no links found, after ceasing the tablets (which worked, all i wanted to do was eat without being in tears of frustration or feeling so hungry all the time) I still had not taste or appetite for another 5 or 6 weeks. Since then it has very gradually returned. I still cannot eat fatty or fried food, the thought turns my stomach! But most other things I can manage, although still dont enjoy chocolate as much as pre stroke. Eating a 'normal' amount of food again now. Still not as much pleasure though! Hope this helps someone
19/11/2010 02:34:46
Guest Had my stroke on 08/11/2010. Seemed like I was starving in the hospital, but now at home, appetite has totally disappeared. Completely unable to taste what little I do eat. Thought it might be the meds, but none seem to carry those types of side effects. Is this a longterm complication of the stroke, or will it subside at some point?
17/10/2010 17:47:40
Guest Does anyone have any suggestions on foods that may taste more neutral for those that have had altered taste buds from a stroke? Some one close to me just had a stroke last week and won't eat much. I want to help her daughter to find a way to get her to eat. She is very stubborn and I am hoping something will work. She is in her late 80's so she cannot afford to let her health and nutrition slip at this point. So far she has been eating canned mandarin oranges. She does not like the taste of boost replacement drinks along with most other foods the hospital offers. Could it be the salt and sugar in the food that's causing the strange taste? As well, do you know if there are any medications that may be causing it or making it worse?
Any information would be great. Thanks!
23/08/2010 21:21:26
Guest Hello:
I had a stroke whih effected the left side of my body, able to walk with a cane. Had speech therapy and physical therapy strength is improving. however, this metallic taste in my mouth is very annoying and people cannot understand why I don't care for food in my mouth or anything else. I have tried juicing to drink with a straw, but same effect. I have tried pretending and it doesn't help. I have no appetite and drink juice to take meds. I pray that thisdoesn't last long.
15/07/2010 14:37:42
Guest I understand totally!!!....my husband did not have a medication reaction that affected his taste and ultimately his appetite, but due to the stroke that part of his brain center was affected
Now on his second stroke with severe Aphasia and aproxia He has no speech and has a stomach tube from the onset January 2010. Now I have to put things into perspective we are young in our early forties and I constantly take things in stride. I encourage him everyday that things will improve "this is not a death sentence" by saying these things he is and does stay up and smiles more!!!!
All physical ailments/illnesses are exacerbated in our minds the mind is the control center our bodies take command from our minds if our mind tells our bodies something ..it then happens!!!!!
what we need to do is to take control of our mind and feed it positive reinforcements...it is a hard thing to do but possible. Drs do not tell us this cause they want to continue to get wealthy off our misfortune. I was sick for a while until I realized this whole area of healing that is not discussed or explored. Be encouraged and surround yourself with positive people and feed your mind with good positive words to keep yourself up and watch those symptoms disappear do not isolate yourself this is important!
15/07/2010 08:49:21
Guest yvonnefrancis. Thanks for your report. My condition started after my stroke on31/7/09. I have lost 17kgs am not putting on weight as things don't taste as they did and subsequently my appetite is reduced. I have this continuing cough and a build up of this metallic tasrte and everything I eat is bitter. I am under the care of a specialist neurologist here in Brisbane who is well qualified and is attempting to find a cure. So far he has had my teeth checked . Reduced my gout tablets to 100mg.Mild antidepressant endep 10mg one at night. No good. Zinc tablet one a day. No good. Now taking an epilleptic reducing tablet twice a day with food. Epilim EC 200. I am not confident but I am happy to try everything. I am a beer connoisseur but now every beer I drink tastes the same. I hope your observation that this condition will go away is encouraging but from what I'e read there is more a chance that it will be permanent. Of course really I have not a great deal to complain about as this is the only continuing symptom from the stroke.
15/07/2010 03:09:30
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My husband often complained of the same thing, lack of taste during his first stroke. My heart truly goes all those that suffer with this whether from stroke or some adverse reaction from medication, it truly takes away this enjoyment of eating-for taste is a big part of the whole experience! but just hold on it actually does go away you have to be patient and allow your brain to rewire itself. Stay in activities that continually stimulate your brain and develop a life of being positive and realize that it will past it will change and you will be alright again.
20/05/2010 23:57:07
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I had my stroke Apr 09 and was on Plavix for 5 months after ASD procedure but it didn't affect my taste. I tend to comfort eat and have gained 16kg.

I hope the doc's find an answer for you.

Cheers Di
19/05/2010 05:26:58
Don Gordon
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Hi guest your message written on 19/5 relates to my condition which was outlined below on 23/11. I had my stroke on 31/7 last year and my taste condition dysgeusia in no better. I am still in consultation with doctors to find an answer. I will advise if they ever find a cure.
19/05/2010 01:45:37
Guest hi i just recently suffered a stroke two weeks ago which caused left hand weakness and deviation of the angle of my mouth. I was put on Plavix at discharge. I love eating and never had suffered like I am now.I have not been able to eat for the past two weeks..I dont know whether the stroke has caused for the alteration of taste or Plavix. Plavix (clopidegrol) is known to have alteration in taste. The doctor has told me to discontinue Plavix for two weeks. Then only i will know whether the stoke has affected my taste or the plavix did. I would like if any Plavix users have had the simliar complaints at all or if anyone taste was altered..has it improved if it has changed? Im scared i wont be able to eat as i always did before.
07/03/2010 18:00:48
Guest Hi Tony. See my story submitted 23/11/09. I still have this bitter metallic taste in my mouth.Saw a neurologist the other day and he has reduced my zyloprim dosage for gout and I am to get my mouth checked out at a dentist today. I'm sure none of this will help. I have diagnosed myself as having DYSGEUSIA which if it has been caused by a stroke it may be irreversable. I would be interested to hear from the person who had a stroke 3 years ago you spoke with whether he or shes' condition did improve. The neurologist is going to try a mild anti depressant if his first logical advices don't fix the problem. Hopefully we might be able to keep each other posted if there can be a cure found.
05/03/2010 22:37:09
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hi people i had a stroke in nov 09it affected my left sideiam doing quite well but for some reason my appetite as gone along with my taste my stroke specialist seams to think its the tramadoll i am on for the pain in my shoulder and arm but i have cut tramadoll down a lot still no change i am awaiting a doctors appointment now for different pain relife i am quite happy to lose the weight but i miss my food i recently spoke with another person affected by stroke and she said she as had the same problem since her stroke 3 years ago
16/01/2010 15:52:43
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Strange one that.I now have a very sweet tooth and my mother in-law did as well .My appetite has decreased massively,Although my wife hasn't caught on yet.
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