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19/11/2014 11:38:04
Thank you Clare G and your idea of promoting useful information for patients is very interesting and I hope all would like.

meditation during pregnancy
10/02/2014 14:51:50
Clare G
Hi everyone, I am an ex stroke nurse who has produced a CD to help stroke survivors deal with the stress that occurs when they are discharged from hospital. You do not have to be experienced at meditation to use the CD just be open to trying! I cover many topics including help if you are having trouble sleeping to dealing with money worries. I now work with the stroke association helping survivors with communication and have found from talking to them that the practical side of life is often forgotten in the onrush of rehabilitation of the physical side of the stroke. The CD will not change perspectives overnight but it will help you relax and begin the process of changing your mindset if you let it. Further information can be found about the CD and about me at www.themeditationstop.com.

Thanks for reading
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