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04/07/2010 10:04:36
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I am all for "Stroke Survivor" because that's what we are... in a previous post on another thread I quoted "Stroke is not a Joke", being in a hospital for over a month after something happened to me in a second, believe me, is an experience that I don't want that repeated, in a second, I went from the phone at my office to my secretary calling 911 for the paramedics (bless her, the paramedics and the friend I was on the phone with!!).

I survived (as my sig line says), not much impairments, basically just the restriction to drive for a while and some meds (never took before, don't like them and now I have to) but happy to be ALIVE, and that's my friends why I like the term.

We all fought for our lives, we should be proud of it, we are here posting on this board.

Everyone, be well and better everyday!!!
03/07/2010 21:15:10
Guest stroke history
21/05/2010 05:24:08
Dave H.
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I like the term "Stroke Survivor!" It is perfectly applicable in my case, having suffered 3 cerebellar strokes and almost dying. My doctor said that another stroke would be "devastating"...and I thought the second and third strokes were bad! Whaaaaa?

15/04/2010 22:15:00
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I think the term stroke survivor comes from over there lol the USA use this term a lot I not totally against it I suppose it depend on how severe your stroke was In my case it was a real bad one and i did come very close to the big D.

But having sais that I can understand why people do not like the term.
16/01/2010 16:10:36
Posts 15
I hate 'Stroke sSrvivor' with a passion.I wouldn't expect any one to say "I'm a heart attack survivor" so why stroke survivor?(apart from the weak alliteration). Survivor seems to me to suggest someone who has survived an external event such as a bomb, tsunami ,earthquake etc. I much favour " Yes I've had a stroke,heart attack(whatever) but I'm alive and getting better slowly, See you soon,,Keep well youreself" I am not a survivor, I am John and I'm ready to kick some A**.. Hello again Peter. It's been a while since I typed these boards.
06/12/2009 22:40:00
Posts 3
100% for stroke survivor. Mind you, a sample of 1 falls just a bit short of statistical power. Still, this was the term i instinctively preferred. Rather be a survivor than a sufferer or a victim any day.
30/11/2009 08:09:57
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Thank you for the comments so far. I am also from the UK. The tendency is generally not to use terms that label people by their diseases, so to use e.g. people with diabetes rather than diabetics. That doesn't work so well with stroke because whilst any disability is current, the stroke was in the past. But people with a disability caused by a previous stroke becomes too long to be of any practical use. Interestingly, other countries e.g. Sweden have abandoned their own word and adopted the English word stroke because, I suppose, it is concise, fairly broad and everybody knows what you mean by it.
28/11/2009 17:03:08
Guest Hi, I prefer the term "Stroke Survivor".

Cheers, John D'Arcy
28/11/2009 15:08:46
Peter O
Posts 111
Hi Gruff,
I have never give this much thought till now! It seems that 'stroke survivor' is the most popular and commonly used term to describe people such as myself. I dont particurly like any of the other examples you have mentioned! So my vote would be 'stroke survivor' All the best Peter O
p.s. I cant tell what country you are writing from,
it would be interesting what terms other countries use. I am UK.
28/11/2009 07:13:26
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I am a doctor with a foreign language up my sleeve. I have been asked to translate an article about the service preferences of carers for people who have had a stroke. The author suggests "persons with stroke impairment" but apart from being cumbersome, I'm not sure this term is semantically correct, after all, it's not the stroke that had had the impairment! So in the true spirit of the original article I would like to conduct a straw poll of people who have had a stroke and ask what term you prefer. From my point of view, the shorter the better. Should it be "stroke patient" "stroke victim" "stroke survivor" "person with stroke disability" "stroke sufferer" or something else? I know which one I prefer, and why, but your opinions would be appreciated.

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