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04/02/2016 04:28:16
Hi.. I am 54 and I had a stroke 3 years back.I was rushed to the hospital immediately and had to undergo an immediate surgery. And I was paralysed for a few months. But after physiotherapy and some alternate treatments I regained my mobility back. But one side of my face started sagging and drooping. Will a facelift ( http://www.solomonfacialplastic.com/facial-plastic-surgery/facelift-procedure.php ) help. I am considering a facelift in Solomon Facial Plastic,Toronto. But is it recommended in my case? I am diabetic and also a heart patient. Kindly advice.
09/09/2015 05:41:30
I have written my story here https://thereslifeafterstroke.wordpress.com/
I have also included some helpful basic facts.... in there... Come and visit....
25/08/2015 20:59:25
Guest Hi i suffered a VAD september 2014 and I have been left with severe dizzziness . Does anybody else have the same problem or had the same problem ?
05/02/2015 17:09:36
Guest I also had two strokes in November 2008 and I am 67 years old and I am not giving up. I have created a website to try and help people get through the frustrations of rehabilitation. I am also going through the rehabilitation journey myself right now. Please join me at: www.thefrigginstroke.com
18/06/2014 19:05:48
I had two strokes in 1997, and I started going to a day center for physically disabled people. I was there for 14 years, and the council closed it, and we formed our own little group in which we meet every wednesday and it's really going great. I am 62, and I do watercolors and we do pottery. I am a manchester united fan also. As a living I used to be a painter/decorator. I just want to share my experience with others and see how other people cope and respond.

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Home » Stroke Survivors » My Experience