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02/09/2014 05:18:34
Guest One or two to rembmeer, that is.
30/01/2010 04:39:25
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Hi Diane. I know the feeling and ask the same questions. I'm an active 50yr old and my stroke was in November 09 and was home in a week from hospital. At first I could not walk, focus or talk correctly but that came back quickly within that week. I am looking to go back to work on the 4/02/10 but only half a day and come home at lunch time but will see how the fatigue go's. Driving at first is exhausting but what the forum seems to say is it will finally go. I had some insparation the other day I meet an old friend who had had a stroke and the last time I saw him he was wheelchair bound and paralysed. You can imagine how suprised I was to see him sitting in a shopping centre. We had a chat and he then said "oh well I better go" and he stood up and walked off like the person I used to know. Shows everything can heal it's self!!!! good luck. Rob
26/01/2010 23:18:33
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Hi All, I had a stoke last April all my functions have come back but I did lose them for a day. I found out after the stoke I had a PFO and had a ASD procedure . I find it most comforting to read this forum and to know what others are experiencing as everyone's stoke is individual. I have started driving but are not working as I find it hard with the fatigue. The fatigue gives me headaches and i feel my mind is foggy the more I try to think or fight the fatigue my headaches become stronger. After a longer recovery time will my head ever feel like pre stroke?
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Home » Stroke Survivors » New to forum age 51 Australia