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08/09/2015 14:14:19
I'm a neuroscientist and have been working with Dr Ryota Kanai for the last year looking into useful applications for a technology called tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation). It uses non-invasive gentle electrical stimulation to activate different regions of the brain. This activation encourages neural plasticity, increased blood flow and increased concentrations of essential neurotransmitters that have been shown to reduce the difficult symptoms associated with stroke. We’ve been gathering a lot of published and peer reviewed data on the subject and the positive effects that this stimulation can have on recovery. For those that are interested, we've compiled some of the research papers on a website (www.mymindset.uk/tdcs-research).

The scientific research has highlighted some fantastic beneficial effects of tDCS brain stimulation in stroke rehabilitation. Improvements in recognition and enhanced working memory, improved attention amongst patients with traumatic brain injury (including strokes) and improved motor skill learning and long term retention of the learned skills, as just a few.

I think it's well worth looking into.

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