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29/06/2016 03:20:44
Hi again, I just thought I would update where we are currently at in our research into pain in stroke.
We have so far had nearly 200 stroke survivors participate in our online survey (that consists of a questionnaire, and some activities regarding body ownership of shoulder and hand - the two most common reported areas of pain post stroke), so we are well on our way.
We are hoping to reach 1000 participants with stroke (whether they have pain or not), so if you have some free time to sit at a computer and participate that would be fantastic (it is all anonymous). We are also after non stroke participants, so if people feel happy to let family members or friends know of the study that would also be great.
Early data coming in is already being used to explore new education strategies for pain in stroke, but we are hoping for much more, as we look to develop new, effective treatments for this significant problem.
To participate is easy, just go to http://research.noigroup.com/?_p=stls
Thanks so much, Brendon
21/10/2015 06:08:29
Hi, I am a researcher with a big interest in pain in stroke, and have been frustrated with the lack of support and evidence for effective treatments. To try and change this, we are doing a number of studies trying to better understand what is going on so that we can develop, study and educate clinicians on effective treatments based on clinical evidence.
There is a large study that is currently online, and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help in participating. Participation is done online (so can be done anywhere) and requires no personal identification to be entered. It involves a series of questions, and then 4 interactive tasks. All up it should take approx 20-25 minutes, but will help greatly in moving this important area forward.
If you can help that would be fantastic, and if you are happy to direct others (including partners) towards it as well please do. The more people we get, the greater power the information has, and more comparisons we can make.
The study can be found at http://research.noigroup.com and then click on "stroke laterality study"
It has full ethics clearance from the University of Melbourne (Australia) where I am based.
Thank you so much,
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Home » Stroke Survivors » Pain in stroke research