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16/06/2016 22:04:25
Guest Hi jim,
i lost all function of my arm and leg. My hand was folded up in a fist.
It is necessary to open your hand with the other hand. Range of motion is the first step because it re-teaches the brain.
Make sure you can achieve full range. Then start squeezing a tennis ball. Then start trying to build finger strength by
carrying a plastic bag with some potatoes in it. As you get stronger carry heavier things. Same goes for all your body parts that are deficient. As you get stronger, the tone becomes less. Dont forget, your brain is erased where the stroke hit. You have to re-teach every movement. Be very patient, and treat it as an obstacle to overcome. Try it and let me know.
14/02/2016 19:56:54
Guest Hi, I just read your post and am currently in a rehab hospital. I am 47 and had a stroke two weeks ago. I would love to know what problems you faced and what you did to recover so much. I am relatively lucky. My left side is numb and weak. My speech and cognitive abilities were not affected. I am determined, some may work as hard in rehab as I do, but no one works harder. I am blessed to have a nice gym setup at home and have ordered a recumbent cross trainer that will hopefully arrive by the time I am home. Appreciate any information you have.


01/11/2015 02:25:00
Hello everyone
I am a 48 year old male from toronto. I suffered a pons stroke one year and eight months ago. Today i am 99% recovered in fact i am now ambidextrose. I did not receive tpa and suffered all the debilitating deficiencies associated with stroke. I want everyone to know that i am living proof that with determination these deficiencies can be beaten. The key is never to quit. I will follow this forum and answer any questions about my recovery. I want to help as many people as i can. I am not a therapist, doctor, or anything official. Just a man determined to beat the odds. Good luck to all who suffered or still suffer deficiencies.
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Home » Stroke Survivors » how i recovered from my stroke