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27/08/2016 12:53:48
Hi all,
I had a Brain Stem Stroke back in March 2015. Now virtually fully recovered apart from some minor stuff like lack of concentration, forgetfulness, difficulty in expressing myself but as I said minor compared to some. I am realise how lucky I've been when I read stuff on this website!.
Anyway what I want to know is has anyone felt similar symptoms to me as in 18 months down the road I have woken up the last few days with loss of balance and a slightly spaced out feeling. before we get too carried away the loss of balance last literally seconds. I am fit and healthy as far as I know, I cycle 50 miles per week. The cause of my last stem stroke was the main artery collapsing on itself not through a rough lifestyle. I am naturally slightly concerned but I'm not going to panic yet! It could be down to tiredness, overdoing it for a day, something simple like that but I just wondered if anybody else had a similar situation. Naturally you do tend to worry a bit and to be honest if its still happening by the end of the weekend I will see my GP.
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Home » Stroke Survivors » Brain Stem Stroke Recovery period