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10/02/2018 11:07:16
Peter O
Posts 111
Hi Geoff
I am 75 next month and had a very similar stroke 10 years ago. Whole right side was paralysed , had slurred speech eye sight in right eye and memory were all affected. Good news is I am completely recovered except memory is not as spontaneous, I could not tell you the street I lived in but that's no problem now.

05/02/2018 19:36:38
It is very important that you say how long ago the stroke occurred. The worst time is the first few months, but working to effect repairs should start immediately.

Born 1929 in Gosport Hants. 50 years ago emigrated to New Zealand with wife and 3 small boys. Never regretted it.
20/09/2016 23:12:29
i would like to contact people who care for people who have suffered this type of stroke"" Ischemic stroke ""
reason , my friend had such a stoke , memory , words , body movement , speech , any struggle to pronunciate sound was way off , all gone ,
positioning of right - left body movement gone , he didnt know what right or left meant , nothing , but conscious . yes conscious , and he knew in his brain , he was not himself.
This he indicated to me , i,m looking for the idea of recovery , time , level of , whatever info anyone can share

one hell of a question i know , painful , hard to get an intellectual grip of , but i will not walk away
and therefore i,m searching for something, some knowledge , information ,

a rubbish email i know , how does one speak about what one knows nothing about , but i,m trying .

any advise regards Geoff
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