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03/02/2017 01:21:42
Hello all. 4 years ago to the day....happy stroke anniversary to myself.....at age 60, I had a TIA. They did every test in the book, found no evidence of a stroke or what might have caused such....so the clinical finding was that it was a TIA, most likely in the thalamus region of the brain, relating to sensation. I actually came on here afterwards and posted asking questions but got nary an answer. In fact I could not even find my thread and after figuring it was not being allowed for some reason...maybe 'cos I live in the US, I gave up and never came back.

I'm here today trying to see if what I have is normal. Because 4 years on, I am still having some of the same symptoms. It started with numbness on the right side of my face-very noticeable in my lip, like Novocaine.....went to my right arm and then eventually the whole right side of my body. Now I vaguely feel the numbness in my face but I have pain on the surface of the skin there or clean inside my ear it's tender. The numbness in the side of my body has gone but has been replaced with a sensation of heat....like I'm standing next to a heat source. Then of course some numbness and tingling etc in my right hand. My right eye area feels a little lazy and I'm always aware of that and sometimes it feels cold and wet when it is not.

Okay so that sort of covers it. I reckon, great.....so I'll have this for the rest of my life. Not to talk about myself or anything but I'm blessed to be in super shape other than that. My job is extremely physical involving a lot of heavy lifting, climbing to work in high places, bending, stooping, long hours on my feet....mostly 12hrs a day, never less than 10hrs. The only time I sit is for my 1/2 hour lunch. I've had 4 major spine surgeries and I'm still at it, working the younger dudes under the table. I work in film and television production. You might recognize some of the shows I work or have worked on....24, Shameless, The Shield, Rizolli&Isles, Animal Kingdom ( the crime drama) Code Black...etc etc to name a few. Hard work, long hours, always pressure to hurry-but I love it.

If I was to be told the sensations are normal, well then....I'll continue getting on with it.

But what I want to ask about is the hot sensation in the right outer side of my calf and thigh muscles.....it moves around a bit. It is usually worse in the am when I get up. But one day it might be in my calf, the next in my thigh...then it will be both. Mostly I feel it in my calf. Right now my thigh feels very hot.

People say once you have stroke you will have another within X amount of time.

Does anyone think these instances of feeling increased sensation could actually be related to having had or having another stroke/TIA?

(I hope this post formats the paragraphs properly-it's not looking like it in Preview. Smiley would not insert in the right place either)

Hollywood, CA.
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Home » Stroke Survivors » Still feeling it.