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02/03/2017 06:58:33
Guest Sorry, you make a fair point, just been tied up with work at the moment. John D'Arcy (site owner)
26/02/2017 12:28:32
Peter O
Posts 111
Hello Stroked
Interestingly I wrote this on the forum 27th December 2014

"Dear administrator

This used to be a good forum but as you dont seem to be able to maintain it now I think you should discontinue it. I replied to a person some days ago who was obviously distressed and having had a similar experience i replied to him. The reply has not appeared yet but i noticed he has gone to another forum for help. This has happened a few times in the past and also I keep getting emails to inform me someone has replied to a topic which i may have contributed to. Some of the listings that appear on the forum are sometimes over a year old and unfortunately because people dont always look at the date reply to them.
Thanks for setting the forum up and it has been helpful in the past.

Peter O
04/02/2017 00:57:24
Why does it take so long to get a post on here. You type the post, it says it's pre-moderated and then you wait for what seems ages to actually see your post. Then.....do people replying to you also have their replies moderated before they show up. It takes too long. I'm sure I speak for others when I say, people want answers and they want them quickly. Maybe it's just me. I'll bet this never makes it on the board. Come on guys.

Hollywood, CA.
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Home » Stroke Survivors » Why does it take so long