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03/07/2010 21:17:40
Guest wow charlene i am 46 so the same
29/06/2010 18:00:22
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I am so sorry for your sadness and troubles. I thought I was young at 51 to have a cerebellar stroke. My walking and especially my balance are effected. Sometimes my speech gets thicvk and lazy. I am very emotional and tired alot. I was super active before and exercised at the gym every day. I watch my diet, etc. As the nurse in the hospital told me, S _ _ T happens. So far I haven't seen the cognitive deficits but I am sure they are there! Make every day count and trying not to let the awful darkness overtake me. Be strong!
18/06/2010 01:23:19
Guest Thankyou for replying to my post. Im swonging emotionally at the minute as Im trying to deal with day to day life with problems with speech and walikng. The doc cant explain why it has happened so Im frustrated! Hope Gavin recovers msore and more each day until hes fully fit again.. Speaking to others is a godsend as I feel so alone with it. My family are really supportive but its hard to explain feelings to them properly. Was Gavin fully fit and healthy before his stroke? I was but was very stressed. My stroke was in my cerebellum in the middle so luckily I didnt suffer any paralysis but I do "stagger" when walking as all baslance and coordination has to be relearnt, Thanks again Charlene
14/06/2010 21:59:26
gavin and jayne
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Hi my name is Jayne and my husband Gavin was 31 when he had his stroke last year. It affected his brain stem and two hemispheres of the brain, his consultant does not understand how he survived to be honest.
Although he sill has alot of cognative problems, he has no physical disability day to day.
Please feel free to ask any questions and I wish you a stready and progressive recovery.

Jayne :0)
30/05/2010 23:14:18
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I had a stoke this year but all docs said ithere was no way iit could be one due to my age. They were wrong. I had 2 in the middle so both sides affexted. Just home now a month on.
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Home » Stroke Survivors » I'm 25 and had a stroke in cerebellum on 27/04