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18/08/2010 19:29:58
Guest Yes, there is life after stroke....and I am living proof. After my cerebellum stroke I surprised even my doctors.......
12/08/2010 12:55:45
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The HandTutor is a new device that has helped many patients post stroke or with cerebral palsy to vastly improve hand and wrist movement. It is a sensor embedded glove that is connected to specific software on the computer. It teaches independent movement again. See the website www.meditouch.co.il for more information.
23/07/2010 02:30:38
Guest Diane and Saul
I'm curious...what made you decide to have your PFO closed? My doc has me on aspirin and verapimil and hasn't pushed me into closure. Not sure really what to do.
Thanks for your thoughts,
10/06/2010 22:50:18
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Hi Saul,

Thanks for replying Saul. I hope I bounce back like you soon.
Now I'm just on Aspirin & Lipitor and I have started taking Q10 to see if it will help my energy levels, so not taking much drugs at all.

10/06/2010 06:26:20
Guest Hi Di,

Fatigue hasn't completely left but has improved considerably. It took me a while to accept what the occupational therapist were saying about my return to work. I did accept it and since Christmas have been gradually increasing my hours from 16 to 20 to 25 and now up to 35 hours a week with long periods of consolidation. I think that it was really helped but then again it could just be time. One thing I did learn is that on days I was feeling better not to do too much even i felt like it. I also found that doing some exercise helped.

Hope all is well with you, have you come off all drugs now?

Cheers Saul
10/06/2010 00:19:38
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Glad to hear you are recovering so well. I also had a stroke last April and and had the hole in my heart repaired last November. I do feel better but I still suffer from fatigue which rules my days. Has the fatigue left you and did you do anything to help it lift?

It is good to read a something positive

Cheers Di
09/06/2010 06:56:32
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I had a stroke in August 2009 just after my 40th birthday. Prior to that I was very active playing football, walking and cycling. After my stroke I found it very hard and really struggled to come to terms with things and often wondered about quality of life and whether I would ever get back to doing things I used to enjoy. My speech was slurred and I was so so tired. I had an operation recently to close the hole in my heart and have been able to come off blood thinning drugs. 9 months after the stroke and I almost feel like I did before and I am playing football again and I am planning a 160km bike ride with some friends to raise money for the Stroke Foundation here in New Zealand (link below)


Just wanted to share this story as if someone had told me I was going to feel well enough to even consider this 4 months ago I would never have believed them, so keep hope and there can be life after stroke...
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Home » Stroke Survivors » There is life after stroke....