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27/01/2018 08:15:12
Guest My mom had cerebellum stroke dec 2016, we operated on the head and put shunt and craniotomy. She was home within 1 month of operation but still had feeding tube. After a week at home she was back in hospital for bleeding in brain that manifested in a seizure. After 2 weeks she is back at home again, but she recovered enough that she was eating without feeding tube anymore. But after another week she was vomiting. She lost a lot of weight so was back in the hospital. After going through all gastric test they found nothing. She was not eating and was vomiting anything she was able to eat. Finally dr. Put her on TPN (I V feeding). After 3 weeks she recovered enough and was eating enough that she came home finally. Dr. Gave her a lot of gastric medication, but what I think it was, was her stomach took time to get used to regular food from the tube feeding after the stroke. So now she can eat pretty much anything. We give her Yakult to keep her stomach in good condition. She is doing well now.
13/10/2015 17:25:30
Guest Superb blog you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any user dsoiusscin forums that cover the same topics talked about here? I'd really love to be a part of community where I can get responses from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Kudos!
11/11/2010 20:39:07
Guest John,
Thank you so much for your reply, I am starting to realise that there are many different effects of stroke. The problem is mum dosn't know how to be sick, because she never has been. The doctor has started her on phenergen to try and control her vomiting, i suppose we will just have to work through this and whatever else might happen. Mum also has had cronic constipation. It is so hard to find out information about this type of stroke. I suppose none of us know what is round the corner. I am so glad I have found this forum. We are trying to encourage mum to drink 'up & go's' and a little yogurt, she also has terrible fatigue which I read is also part of the stroke effects. How long was your mum in hospital, in rehab?
11/11/2010 08:23:08
Guest Guest,
I"ve very sorry to hear about your mum having to deal with this annoying and debilitating issue. I'm a doctor of occupational therapy and was convinced the issue of vomiting was an oversight of med. management, residual fluid on the brain..etc...but the real truth of the matter is that it's just going to take time...no illusions. My mom tried multple medications regimes...only to find the same results of continued nausea. There will be good days and bad days..regardless of what she eats, how she feels, what the weather is..etc....which to me was the most frustrating thing. You feel thankful that your loved one doesn't have the common, delibiltating affects of paralysis. pareisis, unilateral neglect, and language expression/reception, however you have this awful sideffect of constant nausea. Nothing makes you fee llike an inferior son or slacker, than to have a loved one vomit throughout the day with no apparent recourse. My mom too lost some weight, but my biggest concern was the constipation that put her back in the hospital for a month due to the constant nausea.

My mom is S/P craniotomy 5 months. Biggest factors is to have a neurologists (not just the neurosurgeon who might have worked on you mum) and a referral to a ENT specialist in neurological adult disorders such as CVA's.
As far as diet goes, in our case, my mom consulted with an accupuncturist who suggested limiting the overall food intake at night to just sips of ensure or other protein drinks...she stressed teh importance of small drinks through the day. Not eating past 6 was also suggested. The taste change happened with us as well..which was frustrating, but if you know it's coming can be less personal and easier to overcome. Overall.....the best advice I could take with all my inpatienceness, was one practioner who told me it really takes a year to find out what you left with when you have a stroke. As you already are, embrace your mum for even being alive, instill the fact that it WILL get better with time more than any food or drug, and to get her to engate in as many leisure skills as possible while she is chair bound due to the vestibular deficit. I hope this helps and let me know if I can be of any other assitance with helping you through this days are numbered event.
11/11/2010 03:47:49
Guest My mum has also had a stroke almost 2 & half weeks ago, she is 87 and until then was active and independant, on no medication, wouldn't even take panadol. No one could tell us why she had her stroke, she had just been out to lunch and all of a sudden lost her balance & started vomiting. Mum has been very lucky I suppose, it could have been so much worse. She has had to have a catheter because she lost all sensation to 'pee' this has since been removed, and although she is 'going' dosn't seem to be able to empty her bladder, the biggest problem is vomiting, she had lost 5 kgs so far and can't seem to keep anything down except water and some fluids. Mum hasn't complained of any taste sensation or lack of, just all of a sudden urge to vomit. So my question is how do you get over this? is there any foods we can try? how long can this last for? she is still in rehab at the moment, another problem is that she lives in a high set house with 14 stairs & she is convinced that she is going to be able to come out of hospital and get up and down those stairs. i can see the depression starting to set in and feel so helpless I can't do anything about it..
07/09/2010 21:52:47
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Hi Suzie..thanks for the reply, and you too Kevin. Dr. has already ruled out the reflux, but thanks Kevin. Suzie, how severe is your nausea/vomitting now that it's almost a year old? My biggest question is was there....or is there....any medications that you felt have helped your nausea? She is pretty much vomitting most every time she gets washed up, and alot when she comes up from laying to sitting. No meds have seemed to help at all. She is just trying to find out from some people who have had a similiar stroke....how long it takes until the nausea might start to get a little better...at least enough to be functional in regards to completing her self-care tasks and being able to stay by herself. Did you reach that level of independence yet? Thanks so much for the info....you and Kevin are the first people we've been able to get any type of info from....cant thank enough.....keep the info coming...we are very appreciative.!!
John and mom

Suzie wrote:
Hi All,
I'm Suzie and I had a cerebellar stroke in October last year -I also suffer from nausea and sickness and often suffer 'morning sickness'!. Must say I thought that sensation had long past!!
07/09/2010 21:20:26
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Hi All,
I'm Suzie and I had a cerebellar stroke in October last year -I also suffer from nausea and sickness and often suffer 'morning sickness'!. Must say I thought that sensation had long past!!
07/09/2010 18:41:40
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Hi, Im Kevin. I had my stroke when I was 14. I had vomiting spells after my stroke. I went to a gastrologist and found out that I had severe acid reflux. So now I cant have caffeine or chocolate. Hope this helps.
04/09/2010 03:14:19
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Looking for med advice and advice in general for people how have a stroke on the cerebellum. My mom just had one a few weeks ago, and althoug she is home...she sufferes from frequenct vomitting spells
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