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29/03/2011 11:31:32
Guest my father is suffering from this stroke what would i do to treat him i just want him to soeak clearly.i don lyk dat my father is getting ashamed of talking in front of any body so plese instruct me.
24/09/2010 01:44:14
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Less than three years ago, I had a stroke. I was the same age as your father. The stroke paralyzed my entire right side. I wore an eyepatch for awhile, then prisms...

I always thought I would get better, and I did. Not perfect. Not like I was. But I am better than I was six months after my stroke.

A lot depends on the individual (and where the stroke happened and how strong it was).

I can't work on someone else's schedule, but I can certainly work on my own schedule. A positive attitude is good, both in the patient AND the caregiver.
23/09/2010 23:50:07
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I know that he will not fully recover, he will never be the way he was, but from what I have seen the day he had his stroke and now, I know that he will be okay..
23/09/2010 22:57:07
gavin and jayne
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Hi Michelle

You have great determination, however I am no medic but from experience with my very young stroke surviving husband, I feel you are both building up to a fall!
You never "recover" if brain tissue is damaged, you adjust and adapt over time.
I think it is highly important doctors don't do this to people as when no further improvement happens, people begin to doubt beliefs and what the have been told.

Take care

23/09/2010 21:39:36
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Well thanks for trying to make me feel better. My dad is recovering at the rate they said he would, and if they want to tell me that he should have full recovery with some weakness on his right side and actually give us some hope, then so be it.. People need hope to make it through something like this, especially someone like my dad who has been independent and on his own for years. My dad had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and just found out that he is borderline diabetic. All that was stabilized in the hospital. He never knew he had these problems. All those problems caused a blocked artery in the left side of his neck that traveled to his brain. There was severe swelling that now is going down. The swelling is what caused the speech problems and memory problems. The nerves are coming back in his arms and legs. I believe that he will recover because the doctors and P.T's gave me and him hope. My father is a strong man and if he believes that he can recover, he will.

Like I said, it has been 6 months and he is walking with a cane with very little help and getting better. In 6 more months who knows... The point is with a stroke, you never know how someone will recover, and I believe that my dad will recover and be able to walk again. He may not be perfect like he was, but he will be able to be himself again. I will not let anyone tell me or him otherwise..If you work hard enough and believe and try to get better, more than likely you will. The brain is a funny thing, you never know what to expect from it....
23/09/2010 20:14:20
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The doctors told me that it would take 6 months to a year for my dad to recover and that he should recover completely with just a little weakness to his right side because he is so young.

I would be really interested in why the doctors believe he should recover completely, being youg really has nothing to do with it. Since almost all other doctors never give any recovery information at all they must be extremely good and we need to find out what they know so it can be presented to other medical staff.
23/09/2010 18:44:25
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My father is 50 and had a massive stroke in March. He is currently living with me. He lost all movement on his right side, was not able to eat, talk, walk, or even understand most things that were said to him. It has been 6 months.. now he is able to talk, eat, and do very little walking. He is still not able to move his right arm. It has been rough. He goes to physical therapy 3 times a week. i am 29 yrs old and never thought that anything like this would happen. I have a brother, my dad is divorced, I am doing this on my own. My brother lives 8 hrs away, and my father did not want to stay with him; he wanted to be closer to home. I have no help!! My husband is very supportive and my kids that are 7 and 9 help out where they can. I did not want to put my father in a Nursing Home because I promised him that I wouldn't. I just need to vent because these past 6 months have been hard. I quit school to take care of him, and believe me I don't regret that at all. I would what ever I can to get my dad better. The doctors told me that it would take 6 months to a year for my dad to recover and that he should recover completely with just a little weakness to his right side because he is so young. I am praying that he does because he has always been so independent. My dad has been on his own since he was 16, and has worked at the same company for 31 years. He is a perfectionist and believe me it has been hard to make him happy. Lol.. I feel for him because he has never had anyone do anything for him and now everything is done for him. I can only imagine how he feels about all this. I am the only person he will let mess with him. He still is not able to go to the bathroom on his own because of the walking and sometimes he doesn't even realize he needs to go. So I have to be here 24 hrs a day. He will not let anyone change him but me, and if I wanted to go anywhere, I can't stay gone for long.

It is hard to have to care for a parent like this, but I would do it again if I had to. My father is the world to me, he raised me and my brother on his own and did the best he could, now it is my turn to take care of him. To anyone who is taking care of a parent or loved one who has had a stroke.. Please don't be discouraged.. It will be hard... They will be stubborn, but you have to be more stubborn and you will get through it!!
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