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26/08/2017 17:24:31
Hi all,
I hope you can help. My friend had a stroke about 10 days ago and she's making quite a good come back considering how bad she was when she first went into hospital. At the moment she's shifting between perfect sentences to a seemingly meaningless jumble of words. We've already established that sometimes she's talking in metaphors to express herself, but another thing she has been doing is repeating lots of numbers. She was worried about her mortgage, which explained some of it, but we've explained it's being sorted out now. We did wonder if she was desperately trying to tell us her PIN number, or possibly odds of some race (she used to work in a betting shop). Another theory is that when she says "one, two, three, four" its phonetic and she means "want to" instead of "one two" (and then just carries on).

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this repeating of numbers and how they could be translated?

Many thanks.
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Home » Stroke Survivors » Understanding my friends attempts to talk