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28/08/2017 17:41:46
Hi, I'm new on here hope I'm doing this right.
I had a TIA/stroke ??beginning of June this year right sided weakness that resolved within a couple of days. I was in hospital for 3 days all relivent tests and blood tests done everything came back normal or clear. I had very painful hands and fingers felt like electric shocks running through them very sore couldn't have anything touching them, that has worn off a little but my leftEye side is causing me concern I can't have any metal such as buckle off a belt or buttons on jeans touching my tummy on left side, can't feel water temperature on left side, even rain drops landing on my body causes me pain, can't put my hands under cold running water, it feels like there's a fire ball in my left calf. I've got an appointment for September to see neurologist I just wondered if anyone else has suffered these symptoms, I'm also registered blind I have no periviol view and this has been affected too. I'm not on any medication as all results were clear bit I'm hoping I am prescribed something to help me feel as if I'm getting back to normal.
Thankyou for any advice that's offered
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